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Thanks to popular demand, this web hosting review site will now include top 10 web hosting discount & coupon codes! With the greatest & the latest web hosting deals and offer price that guarantee to make you smile! We have various discount price, some are exclusive offers that’s only available here!

1. Fatcow discount $3.15/mo is very similar to iPage hosting in term of features, you can get their budget plan from as low as $2.95/mo when you use the Fatcow hosting discount link. Yes, their 3 years plan is cheaper and more affordable, you can now get Fatcow hosting at discount price $3.15/mo, regular pricing is $3.67/mo and definitely this is one of the best web hosting rebate. Use the following Fatcow coupon link to get to Fatcow secret promo page and order their green hosting package at current best price. Right now, this Fatcow hosting is available at $3.15/mo only!


2. Justhost discount is another budget web host, famous for their cPanel plan and it is user-friendly. Justhost is now ranked the most popular company. The Justhost basic plan is now price at $4.45 per month and offering unlimited add-on domain hosting and all unlimited features, with free domain and free instant setup service. This Justhost plan is available at 50% discount when you use the limited time Justhost coupon code. The default Justhost coupon provided at signup page is giving 20% off normal price. This is the code everyone is using. But there is a better promo code that gives 50% Justhost discount for selected time. After Justhost coupon discount, Justhost hosting is only $2.95/mo, a great price for unlimited domain cPanel hosting plan.


3. Ipage discount is always in our top hosting list and always has great web hosting deals. Their shared service plan with $450 free gift made them one of the best deals. And the best iPage discount price we ever spotted is as low as $2.95/mo and $2.99/mo. This is cheaper than regular price and you can save more with selecting 2-3 years iPage plan. The latest iPage coupon price is a huge discount. And we can get iPage hosting with discount price of $2.95/mo at special sales promotion occasion, for example on holiday sales or season sales. This green hosting plan is with $450 dollars free gift products inside, nearly $200 marketing ads credit, and Sitelock website security at discount price, free domain name, free Yellow Pages listing, and free toll-free number and many more.


4. Hostgator discount is our favorite cPanel company. Not the cheapest choice, but they are delivering the best quality. If money and price is not your concern, then this cPanel web host will be your best investment. Hostgator is from $3.96 per month, and with Hostgator coupon code 20% & 25% discount from us, their plan can be more affordable. Last year on Black Friday, Hostgator coupon is giving 50% discount for one day sales that was the greatest Hostgator coupon ever. Their basic plan allows one domain hosting and the unlimited domain plan is from $7.95. All the Hostgator plan is now with 25% off, and this price requires 3 years commitment and so it’s pricey for initial order. Definitely this is not a budget choice, but they are the quality choice and great for business site hosting. Use the Hostgator coupon HGC20 for 20% discount, or Hostgator coupon HOSTGATOR371 for 25% discount. All you have to do is to use the Hostgator coupon HOSTGATOR371, during this $3.71/mo special offer. The price is now cheaper than $3.96/mo, get Hostgator plan for $3.71/mo only. You can use this web hosting coupon code for all Hostgator plans, including shared hosting, VPS packages, reseller, and private server plan too.


5. Webhostingpad discount is another great cPanel hosting company, very budget price that everyone can afford $1.99/mo only. Their cPanel hosting plan with all unlimited feature, same as what you find in Justhost. Webhostingpad discount price is $1.99/mo and with extra $25 discount after you use the Webhostingpad code TWHR25. This is the best coupon right now and it’s giving the highest discount of $25 dollars. After discount, their hosting plan is just $1.57/mo only, the most affordable cPanel plan, and they are good. Now, they also give away $500 add-on features to new customers.


6. Bluehost discount is our always preferred plan, they are highly experience and running their servers at tip-top condition. Hosting experience with them is amazingly great, customer service is always there to help, and server is up running fast all the time, which is the best it can be. One thing only isn’t good enough, its price. Bluehost price is bit expensive compare others, original price at $7.95 per month, that is more than most other cPanel hosting plan. Off course, there is Bluehost coupon code and Bluehost special discount given from time to time. Last year we have Bluehost coupon for $3.95/mo, expired. Now this April 2011, Bluehost coupon price is now flat at $5.95 per month. Get 3 years max and lock in this discount price, secure from price change.


7. Hostmonster discount is another great cPanel plan, they are partner with Bluehost hosting and Fastdomain hosting, and this is one serious budget cPanel company. Hostmonster are affordable in price, great in quality, they provides all features that you found in Bluehost hosting and with the cheaper price. The best discount price for Hostmonster is now $3.95/mo, and this is a limited time Hostmonster offer price. New customers get to signup 3 years straight, making a total saving of $72 dollars. Without require entering any Hostmonster coupon codes, this Hostmonster discount price is currently the best Hostmonster deals.


8. Greengeeks discount is a very popular cPanel company. They are well known for their green services, they insist on 300% green. This Greengeeks plan is the world best green web hosting company, they done the most when come to making their service green. Beside a very good green reputation, Greengeeks is also known for their good quality & uptime rating. Our Greengeeks hosted website has been performing great for many years. Uptime report is showing good uptime percentage. And right now, you can get Greengeeks green hosting plan at $4.95 special promo price, with another chance to win iPad 2, and get another $25 discount when use TWHR25 as your Greengeeks coupon code during initial signup. Triple deals from Greengeeks!


9. Webhostingbuzz discount is a high quality cPanel company. Really great services with reliable servers and world class support all in one affordable web hosting package. Webhostingbuzz with shared hosting, Magento hosting, Drupal hosting, Joomla hosting, VPS hosting, Reseller hosting and dedicated server hosting plans. Right now, Webhostingbuzz is giving huge discount on their reseller and VPS plan. Get it at $1 dollars first month trial. And their shared hosting plan is available in 30% discount if use the Webhostingbuzz coupon code STUDENT09 and give them an .EDU email account during signup.

10. Ixwebhosting discount

This special discount link will give you instant saving of 20% off this price, discount available on all three packages. The web hosting discount link will give you discount of $38.16 dollars for ix unlimited pro plan. After web host discount, the Ix hosting is just $3.16 per month, and it’s really affordable. We select them as the best web hosting offer and discount! Plus, you can select the right package and payment terms, and save even more. If you are selecting the 3 months or 6 months term, then you are spending extra $30 dollars in setup fee. If you are selecting the annual plan, these $30 dollar setup fees are waived, and you are saving it. Comparing to 12 months term, the 24 months term will give you extra $24 dollar saving.


9 Thoughts on “Top 10 web hosting discount

  • September 2011 web hosting coupons and special prices has been updated into above table. This month iPage is $3.50/mo and with Toll-free number, and Justhost is with 50% discount, and Netfirms is now at their best price $4.45/mo. While Bluehost Hostmonster remains the same at $5.95 per month.

  • Bluehost & Hostmonster this month is only $4.95 per month. This is their special promo price, no web hosting coupons requires, but need to click to activate the coupon link to get to their special discount page.

  • the new hostgator coupon code offering 25% instant discount has been added here. Use HOSTGATOR371 for 25% discount.

  • Webhostingpad now with $500 free gift, and $200 of it is in marketing credits for you to advertise websites. Webhostingpad is now of the most attractive web hosting plan, price is just $1.99/mo and webhostingpad coupon TWHR25 offers another $25 discount.

  • Instead of lowering web hosting price, web hosting companies are now offering more free gift for their customers. Includes, the famous sitelock security at promo price, and add in simplescripts installer. Check out bluehost, hostmonster, ipage, fatcow, webhostingpad mostly.

  • the web hosting discount list above updated once more.
    Ipage hosting is now $4.25/mo, cheaper than before $4.50/mo.

  • Fatcow discount price is still available every weekend, available via our fatcow discount link above only.

  • there are more web hosting discount price for this year 2011.
    For example hostgator coupon price $3.96/mo is now available directly from their website. A2hosting basic plan is now with unlimited features, which is also at discount price.

  • we are reconstructing this web hosting discount page, it will now have more than just ix web hosting discount info, we are including the top 10 list of most recommended web hosting discounts price. Check them out and compare the various web hosting deals!

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